Make Energy Savings with our RJ800 Modular Lighting Systems

Typical RJ800 Floodlight System

RJ800 Floodlight system provides an innovative new approach to area lighting.

To build a system, RJ800 Modules can be grouped as a luminaire in single, double, or triple configuration and arranged on a mast with full azimuth rotation and tilt function.

Each module is individually selected with one of five opitical distributions and a range of elevation angles to build a combined luminaire photometric output that meets the most challenging scheme.

RJ800 module uses AeroFlow® Cooling System to provide exceptional thermal management. Maximised heat dissipation enabled compact luminaire design, which can be retrofitted onto existing masts.

LUXEON® M LEDs and AeroFlow® together deliver high lumen output with low lumen depreciation over life. This minimises engergy and operating costs by reducing overlighting.

RJ800 offers the extremely competitive solution to replace traditional HID sources with performance, versatility and reliability.

Modular Lighting, Opitcal Distribution

Light Control & Optical Distribution

RJ800 meets the most demanding requirements for area lighting applications such as sports lighting, airports, ports and traffic junctions.

Full cut-off distribution and precision optics provide exceptional control minimizing obtrusive light, glare and upward light without compromising the lighting performance.

Opical distibutions supported include spot beam, medium beam, wide beam, extra wide beam and oval beam.

RJ800 Energy Efficiency example table data

The table below shows the energy saving for a typical Airbus A380 aircraft stand.

*HID Luminare LOR = 84%. EM driver efficiency with 10% loss.

**Average power consumption over life with CLO for lumen depreciation MF = 0.90

Light Source Nominal Power System Power Number of Units Total System Power Energy Savings
SON-T 400W 449W* 8 3592W -
RJ800 150W 143W** 18 2582W 28%

Product Applications, Features & Benefits

  1. RJ800-1 Unit RJ800-1
  2. RJ800-2 Unit RJ800-2
  3. RJ800-3 Unit RJ800-3

Cooling System, Controlled by Aerodynamic Vents

AeroFlow Cooling System

AeroFlow Cooling System

Unique aerodynamic vents created by the vertical fins are designed to accelerate natural convection through the heatsink.

Each airway is heated and the rising hot air draws cold air in from the bottom, immediately cooling the LEDs.

On leaving the vents, the hot air converges smoothly into a laminar flow, quickly removing heat from the luminaire.


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  • Phillips Lumileds LUXEON M LED
  • Superior Luminaire efficacy up to 136lm/W
  • High Colour Rendering Index (CRI > 70)
  • Constant Light Output (CLO)
  • Instant Hot Restrike
  • AeroFlow Cooling System
  • Demountable driver compartment
  • Low wind profile area
  • Low maintenance costs
  • Full-cut off light distribution
  • Flexible and programmable lighting control options (CMS)
  • IP66 ingress protection for optical and gear compartments
  • 100% Recyclable

Save upto 70% on your warehouse lighting bills

Current warehouse lighting is incredibly inefficient, we can remove and take down existing sodium lighting that typically runs at 420W, and replace the system with our lighting that runs at 240W, coupled with a occupancy sensor and also a daylight dimming sensor can save a client up to 60% - 70% on their energy bills.

If you’re interested in further details, why not watch our short video or why not contact us by either giving us a call or emailing us below.

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